Summer Reading

St. Edward CCHS uses the “One Book, One School” system. The entire student body reads the same book over the summer, and all classes will use it in the curriculum.

2020 Book Choices by Grade

All St. Edward High School students entering grades 9-12 for the 2020-2021 school year participate in summer reading.  For the past several years, we have used a program called “One Book, One School”.  Students in all grades read the same book and completed journaling while reading.  They were also assessed in a variety of ways to begin the next school year. After reflecting on the challenges and stress associated with e-learning, the English department has decided to change our summer reading format for this summer. We have eliminated the need to distribute books to students and also eliminated the mandatory assignments associated with summer reading.

Instead of the traditional assignment, we are providing a list of “suggested” reading for each grade level.  The books on each list were selected to complement the curriculum for each of the four core English courses. We encourage students to read as much as they are able to over the summer. Remember, there is no assignment required – this is simply suggested reading for our St. Edward students. There is one exception to this. Students entering 10th grade next year are required to finish reading Animal Farm this summer, which they began during e-learning. Mrs. Woj provided these students with details in an email on May 22. The students will use the book to work on writing assignments related to our 10th grade English course objectives. A free copy can be found online using a google search.

Follow this link and you will find the book choices for each grade level. Please be aware, some of the books on each list may include thematic elements, language or situations that are challenging for some students.  We ask that parents and guardians approve the books selected by their students. Many of these books are available for pick up/drive thru at local libraries, online for purchase or rental, or through apps like Cloud Library, which provides free e-book rentals. Happy reading!

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Dufelmeier directly at

Previous books read by students and staff:

2019 – “I’ll Push You” by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck

2018 – “March:  Book One” by John Lewis

2017 – “Maus:  My Father Bleeds History” by Art Speigelman

2016 – “I Beat the Odds” by Michael Orr

2015 – “Left to Tell” Immaculee Illibagiza