Student Health


In compliance with Illinois state law, a physical examination must be on record before entrance into ninth grade as well as students new to St. Edward Central Catholic High School. If a student is transferring from out-of-state, he must get a new physical from a doctor licensed in the State of Illinois as well as an eye exam. All physicals must be on the approved State of Illinois DHS Form. This form should include all immunizations, including baby immunizations. The State of Illinois requires immunizations be current for all students attending the school.

To receive an exemption  to vaccination/examination, a parent or legal guardian must provide to the school a completed IL Certificate of Religious Exemption form.  Non-compliance may mean the student may be withheld from attending classes.


Sickness at School

If a student feels ill while at school, the student should get a hall pass from the teacher and go to the Student Services Office.

If a student is to be sent home by the office, a parent or person from the emergency card must be notified. The person notified must pick up the student at the school or the school must have parent’s permission for the student to use another mode of transportation.


Students, who must be excused from physical education classes because of illness, must bring a note from their parents and/or doctor stating why they must be excused and for how long a period. If the excuse is for more than three days, the note must be from a doctor. These excuses must be taken to the Physical Education teacher before class.

Students absent over four weeks may be placed in Study Hall until the end of the quarter or end of unit being taught. Students excused from participation will be responsible for all units covered during their excused time and will help the instructor in the capacity of referee, manager, etc.


A student needing a medical excuse for Physical Education must have a note from a doctor on file in the Student Service Office. After the note is handed in to the office, any necessary scheduling changes will be made.


Students who need to take medication during the school day must have the appropriate form filled out and on file in the Student Service Office.