Scholastic Eligiblity

Eligibility is determined on a weekly basis. The weekly grade check is the grade that the student would receive if that student were to transfer to another school.

Students are ineligible to participate for the following week if the student has

A) 2 or more F’s;
B) 1F & 2 or more D’s;
C) a GPA of less than 1.5.

Ineligible students will not be allowed to participate in any interscholastic games or activities from Monday through Sunday of the following week. Ineligible students may practice with their team the first week they are ineligible.

However, the 2nd week they are ineligible, they will not be permitted to practice or participate in contests.


Athletes who intend to participate in Division I or II athletics as a college freshman must be certified by the NCAA Initial- Eligibility Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse operates a website at which maintains and processes all of the initial eligibility certifications. In the Student-Athlete Eligibility and Recruiting section of the website, the student-athlete can download a copy of the “Guide for College-Bound Student-Athlete” which contains the registration forms and a Clearinghouse brochure.

IHSA Eligibility Rules

Information regarding IHSA Eligibility Rules can be found at