Summer Reading

Use this link for 2021 Summer Reading Book Choices by Grade

Students enrolling in AP Language & Composition (Grade 11) and AP Literature & Composition (Grade 12) will have required reading assignments to complete over the summer.  These assignments were distributed to students at the mandatory AP English meeting before the end of the school year.  If your student has enrolled in AP Language or AP Literature and did not attend this meeting, it is their responsibility to contact the teacher immediately regarding the assignments.  Some assignments are due on the first day of school, while some may have deadlines during the summer.

Students enrolled in regular or honors level English courses (Grades 9-12) will not have required summer reading.  However, each teacher in the English Department has provided recommendations below for students looking for early engagement with the course over the summer.  The selected choices will not be covered in class; they are intended to generate critical thinking and prepare students for the specific genres of literature they will be studying in their upcoming course.  Students enrolled in the honors level of each grade will eventually be assigned some kind of required outside reading during the school year, so these recommendations might be useful in preparation for those expectations.  But again, these books are recommendations, not requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Schmidt directly at

Previous books read by students and staff:

2020 –  Suggested Reading by grade level.

2019 – “I’ll Push You” by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck

2018 – “March:  Book One” by John Lewis

2017 – “Maus:  My Father Bleeds History” by Art Speigelman

2016 – “I Beat the Odds” by Michael Orr

2015 – “Left to Tell” Immaculee Illibagiza