St. Edward School Profile 2016-2017

Mission Statement

St. Edward Central Catholic High School is a college preparatory, faith-centered Catholic community. Our mission is to nurture the discipleship of Jesus Christ and to promote excellence in education. To further this mission, St. Edward Central Catholic High School enables its students to develop life-long skills and abilities that will help them become empathetic responsible and productive citizens.

Superintendent/Principal: Mrs. Barbara Villont
Enrollment: 358

Grading Scale
Equivalent Grade Value Honor/AP
93-100 A 4.0 5.0
85-92 B 3.0 4.0
76-84 C 2.0 3.0
70-75 D 1.0 1.0
69-Below F 0 0
Honors H 23 classes offered
AP Class AP 6 classes offered
  • Racial Composition

    • African American: 1%
    • Asian: 8.7%
    • Hispanic: 17.6%
    • Caucasian: 69%
    • Multiracial: 4%

  • Testing Offered

    • 8th Grade: STS
    • 10th Grade: Pre-ACT
    • 11th Grade: PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP
    • 12th Grade: SAT, ACT, AP


St. Edward Central Catholic High School is part of the Metro Suburban Conference and participates in the Illinois High School Association in ten boys’ sports: basketball, football, baseball, bowling, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, track & field, and volleyball. Girls compete in 10 sports: basketball, cheer, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, track & Field, bowling and volleyball.
Athletic Achievements in the 2015-2016 school year:
• Girls Volleyball: Regional Champs
• Girls Cross Country: 1 State Qualifier
• Girls Track: 2 State Qualifiers in three events, 1 medalist
• Girls Golf: 1 State Qualifier
• Softball: 4th Place State
• Football: Tied for the Conference Championship, Qualified for State Playoffs
• Boys Golf: 1 Individual State Champion, Team Qualified for State, Individual Honorable Mention All-State
• Boys Track: 2 State Qualifiers and 1 Relay team Qualified

Graduation Requirements

(A minimum of 25 Credits.)
Required credits include:

• Theology 4.0
• English 4.0
• Mathematics 3.0
• Social Studies 3.0
• Science 3.0
• Languages/Fine Art 1.0
• Physical Education 1.5
• Health .50
• Computer Science 1.0

Class of 2016

There were 106 graduates in the Class of 2016, nearly all of whom chose to enter some form of higher education. There were 14 Illinois State Scholars. 67% of the class will attend a four year college or university, 29% will attend a two year college, one student registered at a vocational institution and three joined the Armed Forces. Students will attend 42 different institutions in 13 states. Average ACT scores for the class were; English 22.9, Math 21.6, Reading 23.1, Science 22.7, and Composite 22.7 (1.9 points higher that the State avg.)